Effective November 2017

Go Pit, Inc. (“GoPit,” “we,” or “our”) respects your privacy and realizes that trust is the foundation of our relationship with you. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and how it is used.

This Privacy Policy only covers the GoPit Web sites and apps along with any and all related pages on,, and We are not responsible for the privacy practices on any Web site other than the mentioned GoPit Web sites.

When you use GoPit with or without supplying a login Id (GoPit My Search account), your Web browser automatically sends information about your IP Address, your browser user agent string (a user agent string is the automatic information sent to us by your browser so we may properly format for your device and browser type), date and time of your visit and any third party Web sites that referred you to GoPit.

When you search, we collect your search queries that are not personally identified to each user. We use this general search query data for our own research to create a list of popular search queries used for search assist and related keywords. If you select any Web sites from your search results, we will collect click tracking data, which is used to identify popular visited third-party Web sites and to help us improve our search engine. All of this information is anonymized data and not personal data. We may also use third-party analytics to collect anonymized data about your usage of our website.

When you are logged in to your GoPit My Search account, we collect all of the information listed above, as well as your e-mail address, GoPit username, and GoPit password.

We don’t track or associate between your personal My Search Gopit username to your personally saved searches. If you delete a saved personal search it will be completely deleted from our data base and can not be retrieved because there is no association between your saved searches and your personal My Search account.

If you delete your personal GoPit My Search account completely, the saved search data is deleted from our data base completely and can not be retrieved because there is no association between your saved searches and your personal My Search account.

GoPit allows the option to share virtually every result presented through GoPit search results on social networks, text message or to an email address. GoPit does not track the information that is being shared to third-party social networks or emails. However, more than likely the third-party social network or email provider may save this shared information. You would need to read the third-party provider’s tracking and privacy information.

GoPit allows the option to make comments on results presented through GoPit search results. These comments are tracked and approved but don’t associate to a particular account. GoPit only has the option to approve or delete the comment or post coming from an anonymous user account.

On your GoPit account, you may also interact using your social media account. On our site, you may sign up or login to GoPit My Search account through Facebook or Twitter. In order for us to receive this information from Facebook or Twitter, you must connect your Facebook or Twitter account with GoPit using Facebook’s or Twitter’s (Connect API) By default, all Facebook and Twitter information (other than your profile picture) is incorporated into your GoPit account is designated as ‘private’; it is not viewable to others beyond our GoPit support team.

We do not exercise control over the sites that appear as search results when you use the website. When you leave the GoPit Web site, we encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies on all other websites that you visit.

GoPit search is a free service and in order to provide this as a free service we do list third-party advertisements. Some of the Ad partners will require users IP, agent string and keyword to be passed along so relevant ad content can be displayed to user. GoPit third-party advertisments are clearly presented to our users so they may select to visit or not visit these third-party partners.

When you visit our website, we may send browser cookies (little files for your browser that identify your browser and your visit). GoPit uses cookies to store your (My Search) account username and log-in status and your user preferences. You may set your browser to accept all cookies, block certain cookies, require your consent before a cookie is placed in your browser, or block all cookies. Blocking all cookies will affect your online experience on as it will not permit you to take advantage of our advanced privacy choices, described above.

GoPit does not store or share any personal information. What you search on GoPit is your business not our’s or anyone else’s.

When you perform a search on GoPit you can rest assured that your information is completely private and will not be stored, shared or sold.

GoPit, like anyone else, will comply with court ordered legal requests to turn over personal information about our users. However, it is not required that a Web site or search engine collect personal information such as in our case.

We do not expect any court orders to release information because there is nothing useful to give upon legal requests since we do not store any personal information about our users.

In certain circumstances, GoPit may release the information it collects for the following purposes:

To investigate, prevent or take action with regard to illegal activity, suspected fraud, potential threat to the physical safety of any individual, violations of the GoPit Terms of Service or as otherwise required by law.

To investigate or take action with respect to any circumstance that could expose GoPit to liability; and if GoPit is acquired by or merges with another company, we may release stored (non-personal) information to the other company, but that other company will be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Should any of the above circumstances occur, GoPit may permanently retain information (such as IP addresses) which would ordinarily not be stored under this privacy policy.

The bottom line is, if you are using GoPit for illegal purposes which may put the company in jeopardy, we will protect ourselves against this type of activity.

GoPit may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you about significant changes by placing a prominent notice on the GoPit Web site.